NetSpirit’s coach partnership program is our way of guiding and supporting netball coaches all over the globe.

When I was 15, I told my mum I wanted to coach a netball team. I had played club netball since I was seven years old and rep since I was of age, which I loved, but I also saw my mum coaching and I wanted to be a great coach too. Mum signed me up as a coach for the following season and I was super excited. I read through all her coaching books and mapped out my sessions weeks before the season had started, so I felt I was prepared to start my coaching journey…

Only I wasn’t. I was given a bag of balls, a few cones and a team of 10 year old gals (if you have coached a 10 year old team before you know this is no easy job). I turned up to my first session with my balls, cones and session plans only to find out that my session did not go to plan. In fact, the session could not have gone more off track if I had tried.

What I learnt very quickly was that I felt alone in the coaching world. I had not received initial support in terms of training ideas etc from the club (I now know this is very universal) I also had not been set up with any structured ideas on how training should look and what skills I should be coaching my team even though I had never coached before – I was a 15 year old player with the will to coach a team but with no idea how to!

That will took me all sorts of places…. I spent hours searching for ideas and content or anything to make me feel like I was on the right track (and boy I have veered down some windy tracks) This experience is what lead me here today.

That feeling of not wanting other 16, 26, 36, 46, 56 or 66 year old coach to feel isolated and like they are struggling to provide a great experience and learning environment, is rea. I can only hope that this partnership takes your coaching confidence and knowledge to the next level!

I knew when I first founded NetSpirit Netball Training & Workshops that I wanted to offer ALL coaches, no matter where you live, the opportunity to take part in a mentorship program.

This is how it looks :

  • Tune in, anywhere in the world.
  • Cover weekly training topics
  • Problem solving
  • Guidance on challenges
  • Training ideas
  • Learn what successful training sessions look like
  • Build your own training/game tracker sheets
  • Develop training structure
  • Build your confidence and training knowledge
  • Evolve and develop your coaching style
  • Learn and grow for our community of coaches from all over the world

What the program will include :

  • Tune into a weekly 1-hour skype chat to hear from Kat and trouble shoot any of our community coaches challenges
  • Receive a 45 minute personal Skype call with Kat, to review your trainings, game and knowledge and learn new ideas to plan in to your next training session.
  • Access to our private community FB page
  • Access ALL the NetSpirit subscription skill and training programs valued at $150
  • Access to all previous videos and discussions

Why is this partnership program different from the other netball skill subscriptions you might have ?

This is a ONE on ONE mentorship program.

All most ALL of the content is based on your needs and wants as a coach.

That is why we are so unique and why you should join our family of coaches.


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