NetSpirit aims to provide netballers with specialised coaching. Our mission is to support netball communities, create amazing experiences and provide more opportunities to get involved.

We provide a range of programs and workshops for individuals, teams, clubs and associations with a goal of improving skills, confidence and increasing performance levels.


Level 1

Session time : 2.45hrs

Learning Outcomes :

  • Foundation skills knowledge and demonstration
  • Learn key preparations in planning a session and your season
  • How to manage your team – expectations and feedback
  • Learn what skills your team should be learning
  • On court demonstrations learning new training ideas
  • Learn to how walk through the steps of teaching a skill
  • Learn a new warm up concept

Level 2

Session time 2.45hrs

Learning outcomes :

  • Intermediate skills knowledge and demonstration
  • Learn new ideas for skills on movement, ball and footwork – on court demonstration
  • Learn what skills your age should be learning and gain knowledge of ideas around those skills
  • Team on-court strategy session
  • Learn a new warm up concept
  • Court specific skills ie attack, defence, shooting

All participants will receive a NetSpirit Coach Mentor booklet that will be useful to refer back to throughout the season.


Attract – Retain – Motivate – Prepare – Give Vision to your club coaches

Session time : 9am – 5pm

Location : We can come to your location if you have no less than 15 attending.

Otherwise check out our events calendar to see when the next event is because we have them locked and loaded waiting to be booked!

Investment : $139 per attendee

In return for attending you receive : NetSpirit Culture companion with all the information we will have covered and how to implement it in your club and a half price discount to attend our two day coach workshop in February 2020. 

This program is a full day of exploring new ideas on how to improve or create your club coach program.

This program is typically for club committee members, coach co-ordinators, association executives/committee members and coach mentors.

Topics covered

  • Learn how to attract coaches – advertising and manage expectations
  • Set up or improve on your clubs culture
  • Implement your key core values
  • Retain coaches year after year
  • Learn what your coaches need / want
  • Prepare your coaches to manage player and parent expectations

If you would like NetSpirit to bring this program to you, fill out your details in the contact form below. We are happy to travel anywhere in Australia to provide this program and information for your clubs.

Player Workshops

Session length : 2.5 – 3.5hr

Location : Your choice

When : Week nights or weekends

We are also more than happy if your coaches want to attend and get involved to also learn new ideas to plan out their coaching season.

Our mission is nurture the love of the game within our netballers and fill them with confidence to be the best versions of themselves they can be!

Our workshops provide an opportunity for players to improve their overall netball skills.

We focus on creating a supportive, accessible community with a goal of creating amazing experiences.

Each workshop can be tailored to your club or association’s needs or we can provide one of our own programs that are super popular!

Ideas of workshop programs:

  • NSG skills – foundation ball skills, footwork, movement, attacking, defence and shooting
  • 10 – 12 yrs general skills – ball skills, footwork, movement, attacking, defence
  • 13 yrs + – ball skills, footwork, movement, attacking, defence also specific court skill and strategy
  • Attacking / shooting
  • Defence – circle and mid court
  • Strategy sessions
  • Specialised sessions

We offer Development, high performance, and general global skills in all of the above proposed workshops.

If you chose you can also have all your members attend the one session and we split them in to groups from there to ensure they are learning the right skills for their age!

We are really flexible in making a program that suits you!

To book or enquire please fill out the form below.

Recovery/Physiotherapist Information Sessions

Session length : 2hrs

Location : At NetSpirit locations OR at your association / club

NetSpirit has partnered with some of the top physiotherapists on the Gold Coast to bring you informative sessions that are focused on sharing information to our community coaches that is netball focused.

Our NetSpirit Physio sessions are designed to give you :

  • Advice and direction on correct warm up techniques that are quick, simple and effective
  • Direction on treatment of netball injuries – fingers, knees, ankles
  • Prevention training ideas
  • Massage techniques

To book or enquire please fill out the form below.

Selection Panel or Selection Process Program

It can be a tough gig choosing teams for the season as selection days can be quite intense and you often get backlash from parents who are unhappy with the choices the committee has made.

Holding a successful selection day means there needs to be structure on the process and players and parents set up with your expectations before and after the process.

NetSpirit has successfully implemented our selection program into countless clubs and associations all over Australia, with great feedback regarding the before/during/after process.

What we provide :

  • Setting up expectations – players and parents
  • Structure on the process
  • Printing of all selection day materials
  • Guidance on choosing teams
  • Selection panel members – if you require them
  • Finalising teams


Book a selection panel member only.

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