The founding members of NetSpirit were Darlene, Karena and Kat Dahl and the business grew from an idea of being able to offer players and coaches assessable coaching / resources within every netball community.

Our first workshop had 13 girls attend and we now have workshops that exceed 70 players and from that small idea of sharing what we know, NetSpirit is now actively coaching workshops/ weekly trainings/ specialized skills / coach teaching / umpires and the business side of committees to many QLD and northern NSW clubs and associations.

You will mostly see Kat out and about (you can still catch Darlene from time to time) but NetSpirit is lucky enough some of the most knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and most importantly passionate coaches on board, coaching at our workshops etc.

Our mission at NetSpirit is to provide netballers with specialised coaching. Our mission is to support netball communities, create amazing experiences and provide more opportunities to get involved.

Our passion is knowledge and resource sharing, nurturing the love of the game within all netballers, confidence building to our girl gang and growing participation within the sport.


Kat’s story is probable quite similar to most coaches out there when they first start off.

When I was 15, I told my mum I wanted to coach a netball team. I had played club netball since I was 7 years old and rep since I was of age to which I loved but I also saw my mum coaching and I wanted to be a great coach also. Mum signed me up as a coach for the following season and I was super excited. I read through all her coaching books and mapped out my sessions weeks before the season had started, so I felt I was prepared to start my coaching journey….

Only I wasn’t.

I was given a bag of balls, a few cones and a team of 10year old gals (if you have coached a 10year old team before you know this is no easy job)

I turned up to my first session with my balls, cones and session plans only to find out that my session plan did not go to plan. In fact, the session could not have gone more off track if I had tried….

What I learnt very quickly was that I felt alone in the coaching world. I had not received initial support in terms of training ideas ect from the club (although I know this is very universal) I also had not been setup with any structured ideas on how training looks and what skills I should be coaching my team even though I had never coached before  – I was a 15 year old player trying to coach a team with no idea on how to only that with the will to want to!

From there I was self-taught, made a lot of mistakes but have also have gained so much knowledge from those mistakes and everything I have learnt along the way had led me to NetSpirit – where sharing and being of service is what I am passionate about!

Playing experience

  • Played 12 – 15yrs Association Rep Netball
  • Played NSW State League team 17 – 20years
  • Played Southern NSW regional teams 21 – 24year

Coaching experience

  • Association Rep team coach 10+ years
  • Premier league coach NSW and QLD 6+ years
  • Southern NSW regional coach 17’s – 19’s 3 + years
  • NSW State schools assistant coach 2 years
  • Have been coaching since 15years old, now 36.


  • Intermediate level Coach accreditation
  • Diploma in sports management and coaching
  • Speed and Agility and movement coach Cert 2
  • Cert III in Fitness
  • Currently enrolled in Bachelor Degree Sport coaching and development